Success Stories

"I am writing to let you know what a fantastic job that Tom and his associate (I believe it was Kevin) did during the install at my home this morning. I am very pleased with the professional job they performed in installing the LCD TV mount and a 2 shelf component wall mount.

Tom and Kevin asked me questions during the installation process to ensure my satisfaction and took the time to do a very professional job. It was a neat and clean installation.

Please pass my extended thanks to both of them for a fine job. Satisfactory customer service is very hard to find these days and I feel they provided excellent customer service to ensure the job was performed correctly. They were on time for the appointment and very efficient in completing the job. You have a very good team working at Tech Demand.

I will definitely refer my friends to your company and would not hesitate to utilize your company for future installations and design. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future work."
– David, Westminster, MD

"FIRST TIP: I see the Kelly-Judds have hired Walter Brown of Elkridge to put on a new roof. Smart. Walter did my roof and is a classmate of my wife from Howard HS class of (I’ll never tell). He has been in the roofing business for decades and is very honest and competent. If you have roof issues, call Walter. (410) 796-0841; His wife is Laverne, who is equally nice.

SECOND TIP: Do you have AV issues? (For you low tech ones, it means Audio-Visual). How about wires strung in an unsightly manner all over the walls and floor near your TV? How about your system claiming it is DTS (Digital Theatre System) capable but you can’t make it go into DTS mode? How about five or six remotes and you are confused why you have them all (Hey ladies – this is probably you. Admit it.)? How about the fact that you have expensive equipment and fear the next storm that may send a surge through the house and blow out your favorite TV and receiver? How about lousy looking DVD picture quality and certainly VCR quality? Well, I just purchased the services of Chris Moore and Greg Ledwell of TecHDemand, LLC and am happier for it. They are a two-person company that quickly, efficiently, and expertly fixes all these problems. Plus they are reasonably priced and you can work with them – they are not so focused on products that they aren’t flexible like a lot of places. Examples:
  • Brenda and I were about to entertain guests and there were two ugly wires hanging from the TV to the back of the cabinet housing my other equipment. Brenda being a neatness freak, these wires were an abomination (I on the other hand never noticed them).
  • I installed a Sony tape to DVD burner a few years ago and a Sony PlayStation 3 (to watch Blu-Ray DVD’s in HD) and in the process lost my DTS capability.
  • A Boston Acoustics combo receiver/DVD player went crazy on me eliminating the watching of programs on another HD TV upstairs.
Well – knowing Chris for several years and Greg for a slightly shorter time, I called them and after a partial fix we arrived at an efficient way of remedying the situation. I purchased a new Onkyo receiver for the main TV area. It has an up-compatible capability which in the Onkyo’s case means it has six HDMI inputs and ONE HDMI output (to the TV). This means that all signals into the receiver are up-converted to an HDMI signal to the TV. So even regular DVD’s and VHS tapes look much better now. Plus Brenda is happy about no wiring showing. As a matter of fact all the wires in the back of the unit are neat and straightforward because they all go through a surge protection device that sits on one of the shelves. (Plus there’s only one wire from the receiver to the TV).

Chris and Greg did the job in less than 2.5 hours. It would have taken me 2.5 months and I’d still be trying to get DTS sound. (Have you ever heard “The Gladiator” or “The Patriot” in DTS? If not, you are missing half the fun of DVDs.) Their contact info is:; 410-241-3327 or; 410-493-2097. They do all sorts of high tech stuff – like security cameras, etc.

I make no money on these tips; nor do I charge for them (yet)."
– Eliot Sohmer