The TecHDemand Team

Company Profile

TecHDemand offers more than 35 years of expertise in the Audio, Video and low voltage electrical market. Our team of experts ensures complete and unmatched customer satisfaction; from working with our clients from beginning to end you know the job is going to be completed on time and within budget. We have a step by step process that ensures safety, reliability and true professionalism. TecHDemand will provide all the required products and services to ensure complete client satisfaction from beginning to end. Our estimators and service techs are the best in the business and come from an educated background. We hold trainings for our employees monthly on new technology and innovation that is forever evolving into a connected world.

Partners in Your Project

From the early stages of project planning and development, through the construction phase and product delivery, TecHDemand LLC works in partnership with clients and team members to achieve exceptional results. We anticipate project challenges and develop solutions that meet our client’s objectives, setting us apart from other low voltage cabling and A/V companies. The way we operate is a source of great company pride: By implementing a detail-oriented approach, maintaining quality standards, and providing the most qualified professionals to complete the job within budget.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

TecHDemand is customer focused, creating superior projects that fulfill client requirements and produce long term value. Our astounding percentage of repeat customers and referrals, which comprise the majority of our business, is a testament to the successful relationships we forge with clients and the consistent high quality results we deliver. TecHDemand and its employees are committed to one common goal: satisfying our clients’ needs.

Meet the Team

Greg Ledwell Greg Ledwell::
Hello, my name is Greg Ledwell and I’ve been in the Custom Audio/Video business for 19 years. I love what we do and have a passion for creating an unmatched experience for our customers. Whether your project is small like hanging a plasma to a full blown integrated home or business, we take detailed steps in ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied from beginning to end. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your in the market for a new system or just need expert advice.
Chris Moore Chris Moore::
I started in the electronics field with Best Buy in 1999. I worked on computers while I was also going to college in the Computer Field. I then went on to Installing Car audio, Video and Alarms for a couple of years. I then went to work at Best Buy’s service center repairing Laptop’s and Computers again. After working their for a couple of years Best buy decided they were going to get into the Home and Commercial install Field and I went on to work in this field. I have loved working in this field ever since I started. I have fun with the computer side of the business also like Programming remotes or control systems. Every Customers situation is different and we are dedicated to finding the correct solution for each customers needs.
Gary Ledwell::
Scott Pyle::
I have been in the A/V Electronics field since 2000. I started off installing Car Audio/Video/Alarm Systems with Best Buy, then moved onto the Home Theater Business in 2005. I have an extreme passion for providing world-class services to my clients and do not hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure my clients are completely satisfied from the beginning to the end of their experience. I really enjoy programming control systems and networking. I take pride in what I do and I let my work speak for itself, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Ted Davis::